How to get free Bitcoins!

You where wondering if it is possible to get free Bitcoins. A million starts with a cent. Every Bitcoin starts with a Satoshi and is the smallest part of a Bitcoin that can be sent and is a hundredth of a millionth BTC. One dollar is about 320000 Satoshis. Now!... To get free bitcoins for fun can be optained by using faucets. Faucets are pages with captcha's you will need to unlock before receiving an amount of satoshi's. Note that some sites have a minimum withdraw amount you will need to have on your account before you can transfer the satoshi's to your bitcoin wallet. Most games where you can earn bitcoin have this particular transfer regulation. In other words you will need to visit the same site a couple of times to claim satoshi's before you get paid.

Not only are there faucets there are many different types of games you can play and claim bitcoin satoshi's and send them to your Bitcoin wallet.  Another way is automated dice games with bitcoin. They give you a small amount of Bitcoin Satoshi's for FREE. The received satoshis you can use to gamble with. Bitcoin dice games are great and much fun game to play.With dice games you control the risks and remember that the bank has 1-3% rake.  Some have automated betting options you can use to create a betting system and personalize your bet. If you decide to gamble do it only with the free bitcoin satoshi's you collected and be aware that you risk to lose all your coins! Those who have the mix patience, a good betting system and luck.

Free bitcoins and poker... Earn free satoshi's by playing poker freerolls. There are players that  play 6+ different freerolls at the same time from mutiple poker rooms. To enter you need to visit the site, create an account and enter a freeroll tournament for bitcoins. That's simple, to win bitcoin satoshi's


Get free Bitcoins with Bitcoin faucets

Below you will find some of our most trusted Bitcoin fauctes with the highest payouts.

Website Timer Payout Details 400 min. 2100 Funcaptcha


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Get free Bitcoins by playing Games




Get free Bitcoins by playing Poker freeroll tournaments

This is interesting if you know how to play poker. There are online poker rooms that offer freeroll tournaments and the prices are paid in bitcoin currency. You can expect price pools between $10 and $15. The winner takes two dollars or more.

I know it doesn't seem to make a lot of money.... Only bitcoin freerolls tournaments have between 20 and 170 players and thake about 2 hours. Big poker rooms like PokerStars offer great freeroll tournaments with 2.000+ player per tournament. It takes 5+ hours to complete and you need to end up on the final table to win a nice amount of money.  

The There are Freeroll poker tournaments for bitcoins every 60 minutes. These are tournaments with no entry fee and you do not need to deposit. There are poker rooms that require software installation and others are web based.

TIP -> Register at multiple bitcoin poker rooms and play 10+ freeroll tournamants at the same time!



Get free bitcoins with Bitcoin dicegames


Get free bitcoins with a Bitcoin lottery

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